Digital Marketing trends

Digital Marketing is an excellent way of having online marketing. Digital marketing has come a long way since its introduction in the late 1980s. The digital marketing trends have been improved and standardized with time. Moreover, competition in digital marketing is fierce. Learning and investing in digital marketing has proven to significantly impact businesses that seek to gain turn over in millions.

In this article, we will know more about the history, present status, and future trends of digital marketing.


There is a saying that to take a leap forward, you should take a step back. Hence we are getting ourselves back in history now.

Let’s have a look at the achievements back in the 90s.

1990- The first-ever SEO, Archie, and social media site

1994- Yahoo, Amazon were launched

1995- eBay was launched

1997- Six degrees, the first Social Media site was launched in the Late 90s 

Sep 4, 1998- Google was launched

With the launch of these sites, early SEO techniques were discovered.

What were the achievements in the early 2000s?

2003- LinkedIn, professional networking was launched. The launch of a modern smartphone, BlackBerry, in 2003, gave users opportunities to text, e-mail, make phone calls, and browse the internet. But it was more for business professionals.

2004- Facebook, G-mail were launched

2005- Youtube, a video-sharing site, was introduced

2006-Twitter, opinion sharing site, was launched

2007-Smartphones took over the market

2008-Groupon, online shopping and discounts site, was introduced

This decade really set the internet on fire by bringing the new social media. However, many companies were having trouble to address the same question to many customers. Hence, the idea of writing a blog post came into the limelight. Not only that, the adoption of big data, web-centric marketing, mobile marketing, and social ads were introduced.


In Digital Marketing from 2010 – Present

People started watching more content on the web rather than on TV. Using social media and digital platforms became extensive.

2010- Instagram and Pin-interest were launched.

Influencer marketing started taking peaks. The voice-enabled search started to flourish. Live chats were launched. Smartphones became essential for the Millenials to play games and have a conversation. 

The present Scenario

At present, Businesses and new entrepreneurial ventures heavily rely on digital marketing. Digital marketing is a major area of focus when it comes to rock both B2B(Business to Business)and B2C (Business to Customer)E-commerce. They ensure to get better ranks in SEO with quality content, add more visual mediums (video ad and reviews), update their social media pages, carry out E-mail marketing and re-targeting, and get aid from Google ads and PPC. Influencer marketing, Affiliate marketing, Referral marketing are other strategies of digital marketing.

Let’s know more about the types of digital marketing.

Content Marketing

It includes making blogs, videos, infographics, and case studies about the service/product you would be selling.

SEO Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a crucial strategy to become visible and tell the world that, here it’s my shop, and you can buy these products here. SEO targets to bring out more traffic to your website. SEO-based content has raised the bars of competition. 

Social Media Marketing

It focuses on bringing traffic to your website via your social media pages. Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Telegram, TikTok, Snapchat, and many more can give you a direct connection to the target audience. Not only that, social media allows going viral.

E-mail Marketing

A company sends promotional messages or materials to groups of people via e-mail in Email Marketing. Most of these messages contain advertisements, commercial messages, call for donation, or a call for business opportunities; you can send a personalized transactional e-mail, a promotional e-mail, or free shipping coupons.

Affiliation Marketing

In affiliation marketing, a commission is earned by promoting other’s products. In short, You find an attractive product, then promote it to others and eventually earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

Future prospects of Digital Marketing

The increasing popularity and experimentation on digital marketing allow us to predict some excellent prospects and achievements. Although the future is always unpredictable, we can still have optimistic views on digital marketing’s future. Moreover, it appears that you have to implement a consumer-centric and data-driven marketing strategy to enhance your digital presence.

The future of digital marketing depends on Voice Search Optimization, Use of virtual reality, live streaming, Artificial Intelligence’s dominance, and automated influencer Marketing. Let’s know about them in brief.

Voice Recognition Technology 

Apple and Android system introduced their voice search like Siri and Alexa & Google Assistant, respectively. It has been gaining popularity. We can predict more people using their voice over typing on the search bar in the coming days.

 Living on Virtual Reality

The availability of virtual reality has generated a vision of the whole world being a simulation. Taking a hint from this, companies can prepare their ads or programs using virtual reality. This will provide a drastic new avenue for digital marketing.

Live Streaming

Live video streaming is one of the vital aspects for online-gamers and influencers to make money. Soon, it is going to trend in businesses as well. They can use live streaming and get a proper explanation of their products and services. Live streaming will bring stronger audience engagement.

Self-operated Influencer Marketing

Different companies and brands are getting conned by pseudo influencers(those who buy followers; they don’t have real followers).To address this issue, digital marketing can come up with self-operated influencer marketing. Not only that, the system will find the influencers according to their brand’s motive and audience.

Artificial Intelligence’s dominance

Artificial Intelligence has already been in our physical world. To some extent, in the chatbox and predicting the ranks, AI has been used. In further, we can witness artificial intelligence making automatic advertising, dealing with clients as well as visitors, data analysis, and planning of powerful ad campaigns.


Digital Marketing evolved in the late 1980s and has been growing ever since. Millennials have witnessed Digital Marketing from Blackberry to Smartphones, GenZ is obsessed with Social Media presence and communication, and the upcoming generation, Gen Alfa, will witness and will be served the unbelievably convenient and accurate technologies, especially when making purchases.