Top 8 Digital Marketing Trends to Follow in 2021

We need to understand the digital marketing trends to follow in 2021. Online company owners and digital marketers are actively looking for the newest developments in digital media, discovering new avenues to attract clients, increase sales, and efficiently use their marketing budgets.  They constantly optimize and tweak their website, introduce new modern technologies, create advanced web apps to win more smartphone sales, invite influencers, and strengthen their campaigns for social networking and email. But in 2021, what are the big developments in digital marketing?

Top 8 Digital Marketing Trends to Follow in 2021

We would happily go over 8 digital marketing developments on this list, sharing advice and clear examples of how major companies are doing it now.

1. Customizing the User Interface

Do your best to add some personalization to the pages by discussing what else you should do to reinforce the digital marketing approach.

As a marketer, you should take a step ahead to illustrate that you know the tastes and desires of this individual customer, just as you deal in the personal correspondence and tone of the messages and call to action components. How’re you doing that? By creating a segment that will take out certain products based on their browsing history and earlier sales that your shopper – want.

Check out the screenshot of the official Okdam website’s product page. The “YOU MAY ALSO LIKE” block indicates other clocks and gadgets that the shopper may fantasize about. These upselling moves have been found to be an effective tactic that raises the size of average carts.

2. Social Media Shopping Is Going To Be a Trend

Don’t forget about the retailers on social media. As of late, multichannel has become possible by linking the website with different stores that are provided by the favorite social media platforms of all.

As such, on the basis of your official company accounts, you can create a Facebook Store, Instagram Shop, or Pinterest Shop. These shops, connected directly to the product catalog of your website, allow your social media followers to search and buy the specifics of the tagged items after a connection back to your store. This clearly needs extra configurations and verification, but in the end, the game is always worth the hassle.

Here’s how the official Facebook page with shopping and call feature appears to illustrate the above. As you can see, it is easy to browse the product that is seen in the post and the user can ask for the price and guide the call to the shop. Such a strategy drives more profits, of course.

3. Image & Voice Search Functionality To Rank In Google

Improved AI-powered search feature is addressed in this summary. With the advent of voice assistants and the constant need to save time, consumers’ browsing patterns and behaviors are evolving. That is why it is vital to keep track with the times and push the required traffic, particularly in online retail.

Digital marketers must recognize that their normal SEO can also be modified when mentioning voice search that operates based on the recognition of expression. After all, inquiries made “conversationally” vary significantly from the same question that can be made in a search bar by typing in code. That said, various digital marketers and experts in search engine optimization are now moving through the website pages to satisfy the needs of users who use the microphone feature or inquire for assistance from Siri or Alexa.

Another argument discusses image quest here. Results based on a submitted image further improve user loyalty in order to save the user’s time browsing through thousands of pages while searching for something. Instant and to-the-point outcomes of the same item or equivalent styles to the ones on the submitted image are what can be found on the official Amazon website screenshots below in the example of StyleSnap.

4. Virtual Try-On Features for AR

The functionality of try-on is to open a list of the latest digital media patterns and online advertising trends. Augmented reality can be a platform that helps push buyers and sell more on the web, aside from the face masks that are commonly used for beautification and the “boom” of augmented reality that is common in gaming and entertainment.

The customer gets the ability to immediately imagine what this or that object appears like with the aid of the device’s camera. Ultimately, when their suspicions sway away as they see the object in motion or on them, this makes encourages consumers to purchase something even simpler.

With interactive try-on, numerous shopping circles are now enhancing their sites: accessories, cosmetics, even furniture. Here, the possibilities are rather wide. For starters, the virtual try-on functionality that is available on the official Zenni Optical website can be seen below. With different frames and glasses, consumers can play around, find the needed look, and order exactly what suits them.

5. Product Building and Customization According To Choice

It’s no wonder that customers still yearn for something new and special. Therefore, one more excellent marketing move and trend is to have the option to build a personalized design of a product instead of purchasing one of the product versions readily offered.

You not only make it easy for your customers to be imaginative, but you can also draw conclusions about what your customer needs and likes. This suggests that you will draw conclusions about where to go in the future of your product lines and how to best market them.

Simply placed, different product makers break down the object into certain pieces that can be changed. The user switches from one tab or feature to another, selecting from the choices that are possible. If it is color, text, or any other content that can be altered, proper visualization and instant viewing of the modifications is a great deal of progress here. As a consequence, for the manufactured particular object, the customer gets a unique design and a price sum.

To demonstrate, here is a screenshot of the product builder that is included on the Converse official website. It is possible to adjust more than 5 shoe components (seen on the right), and the chosen combinations of each of them are then shown immediately on the left pair of shoes. Plus, by scrolling through the gallery, the user will take a look at the object from multiple angles.

6. UGC Widgets & Customer Galleries

It is well recognized that a very important weapon in digital marketing is user-generated content. Particularly when it’s with everyone’s favorite social media in partnership. In short, there are many advantages to the digital marketing trend of adding a social media content widget created by users to the website or even to individual product pages. The same refers to giving the chance for consumers to submit their images to special “User galleries.”

The key benefits here are evidence that the things you sell are a “true thing” and that customers enjoy what they have ordered from you. On a related note, it can be a nice “kick” to see if people use the product and love it, which encourages prospective shoppers to purchase it too. Thirdly, you communicate with the clients you have urged to produce the posts, develop better connections, make them happier as they see their content on your page, and if they have any sweetener or incentive to make those posts (for example, a discount), they are more likely to come to you again. Plus, the web reach and following of your company are growing considerably (just think of how many fans of your clients can see your brand from those posts?). Lastly, thanks to such consumer content, your own content base expands, so you can reuse it, repost it, etc.

7. Enhanced Product Review Sections

When we read some summary of a product or service on a webpage, we approach the “promises” we have seen with a tad of cynicism, often not even a tad. The justification for that lies in the fact that individuals are getting harder and harder to persuade. So people tend to hear about it from other consumers just like them, not from you, as is the case of user-generated images inside social media widgets. Getting upgraded consumer reviews and evaluation pages is also the next theme on our list.

The more feedback or a description of your goods from consumers, the better. Statistics discovered by the Spiegel Research Center reveal that:

“When a product receives five reviews, the probability of being bought increases by 270 percent “

How can you encourage clients to waste any of their valuable time evaluating a product? Right, by inspiring them with a certain benefit, such as a discount or free delivery on their next purchase. This serves as a win-win for all as the customer is thanked for the reviews, you get facts and credibility, as well as an “on the hook” loyal customer who may continue to use your special sale or promotional deal.

One important thing to remember here is that it is vital for the reviews to be current. In order to continue collecting reviews and comments from your consumers, you have to “launch” the review machine to increase the confidence rating and get a hold of other advantages they offer.

It is important, on another note, that you answer the feedback. The bad ones, at least, so as not to lose your clients. Get down to the matter, try to sort out what has happened, and don’t leave the situation unfinished. This is also one of the best digital marketing trends in 2021.

8. Combine Influencer Marketing Along With Gift Hunting

Another digital markenting trends to Look for gifts is a daunting challenge for most individuals, which essentially means that you would certainly take advantage of the dilemma as a marketer and do your best to provide a solution. One more trend worth noting is helping with choosing presents.

As a rule, unique choices are put right inside the menu of items that would be a suitable choice for presents. Marketers take these gift guides a step up, pitching fast quizzes, questionnaires, and other fun material that can help locate the best gifts, broken down by receiver, budget, and other variables. Therefore combining Influencer marketing with social is also great digital marketing tends in 2021.

Final Thoughts

The latest digital marketing trends, summarizing everything discussed in this post, aim to communicate with consumers through various platforms, provide them with all the requisite insights, details, and ease of navigation, as well as surprise them with improved search capabilities and new technology.

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