link building for seo

Link Building refers to activities aimed at improving the number and content of inbound connections to a website with the goal of raising the search engine rankings of the target domain. The goal of each SEO technique is to guide quality traffic to one location. Using successful connection building techniques will help you boost your rankings in a variety of ways. These strategies vary from one to the other depending on targeted outcomes.

Submission-Based Strategies

Web app Directories

You can get connections from it if you have an online application. Using the apps to create better connections for yourself.

Theme directories

Designing WordPress themes or website templates can be a perfect way to get a few more directory connections. You can host the download page on your site as well, and if it’s nice, you’ll get a bunch of links from the web blogs.

If this is a WordPress theme, you should send it to the theme list, which will give you some high-quality no-follow links.

Press Release submission

You will create content ties by posting a press release to delivery sites. Simply add one or two links to the news release and you’ll have a chance to get the links back. For better performance, use just one link and make sure the URL or domain is the anchor text of that page.

Multimedia Submission

If you have any PDFs, word documents, or PowerPoint presentations, you can submit them to various sites and get a link in return. You have to put the links in your documents, for instance in the first slide of a PowerPoint.

Content-Based Strategies

You will use the content to provide more ties. All you need to do is ensure that the content is of good quality. In this group, the following will enable you to create a link:

Testimonial writing

This is a major one. Only list any goods or services you have recently purchased. Provided it isn’t a big organization, there’s a fair chance you’ll get a connection in return for a testimonial. This technique is most commonly used by the revered SEO agency.

Trade Articles

It operates in the same way as guest blogging. You will get information from a totally different group on each other’s pages, connections, and guests. More famous blogs should still do something to improve the output of the other blog. A good example is the buying of another 10-15 pounds worth of Stumble on paying travel. It doesn’t actually have to be big, but it’s the same thing as a playing field, and you’ll see very few blogs of the same level of the audience.

Images and Cinematography

The use of images for links is not popular, despite its usefulness in having links. All you need to do is find the appropriate photos for your post. Using pictures, in exchange, you will get an assignment connection. Only look for a camera while you’re at an industry event. You can take 100 SXSW photographs of all speakers and post them on a certain page of your site. Then do some SEO image to get them listed for a variety of different image search queries, position them so people can ‘steal’, and place them on their own pages. You may ask them to add an assignment connection at this stage.

Get your own column

Stop hunting for one-off guest blogger openings all the time. Instead, look for resources that might make you daily updates to a single blog or column of your own. In a month, you will get a lot of natural high-quality ties. If the site has a wide following, you’re going to get a lot of traffic from those posts.

Educational content

You should create content that is aimed at colleges or some other learning institution in order to get more ties. Only compose, for example, a whole tutorial on what college webmasters may be interested in. Using the bottom-up approach to build content on subjects that will connect you to successful outcomes.

Link Attraction

Often, of course, you have to let the content draw ties. You can effectively do this by using a variety of strategies.

Web tools

Creating free online software like calculators is another effective way to draw connections. They don’t have to be complicated; they just have to render easy instruments. If anyone saves time using it, they’ll most likely share it with another user, so more connections in exchange.

Timely content

Creating the right content you need at the right time will give you a lot of exposure and then give you more connections.


This involves a two-step method that draws ties to surveys. The first step is to invite people to join. If there is an important subject, reach out to experts, writers, and business news sources to encourage them to spread the message on their websites and social networking pages. It’s a safe way to draw ties. The second stage is to report the data. Just combine the release with some nice visualization and you will have a good piece of linkbait.

Research papers

Going straight into the subject is a perfect way to integrate deeper into the business. It’s a perfect way to draw a few more connections, and if you plan to make any further big findings, you’ll get at least a few quotes from scholarly and modern websites.

Truly innovative activities such as SEO link building prove very important for the success of modern SEO. It is an easy way to boost traffic to one’s website and bring value to the website alongside its customers.