What about starting a blog, huh? You’ve probably been putting it off for a while because you figure it entails a lot of things. I do remember that I was there already. I figured it was going to be a difficult operation, but in reality, it wasn’t at all. A lot of work is done for you, the most important thing is to find the most fitting domain name. Just as it’s easy to have your own website, anyone with similar interests can do that. That freedom has resulted in a lot of “fake” and “misleading” information on the Internet.

Starting your own blog goes beyond just having a platform, you need to make an extra effort to make your blog stand out. If you don’t want to produce high-quality content, don’t bother making a blog because no one is going to make the effort to get to your corner. Your blog’s output would be directly proportional to your effort; in short, the expression “you reap what you sow” is very true in this situation. Yeah, why do you have a blog?

Benefits of Having a Blog

  • Self-employed – Nothing beats being a master of your own. You have the right to determine which material to add or not to add.
  • You can make the most of internet ads by advertisement.
  • Creative Flexibility – Complete ownership of your website ensures that you have the right to decide the style and so on.
  • It’s your own – there’s a certain dignity that comes with running your own network.

Yelko a Nepal’s finest Web-building platform

Website builders are the best way for individuals and small companies to set up a website without employing a developer. Enter Yelko! Yelko is a web building platform based on Nepal. Probably one of the best, dynamic, and powerful web-building platform.

Why Yelko?

  • Yelko Provides dynamic drag and drops feature for web-building without knowing how to code.
  • Yelko provides a free sub-domain to start your blog.
  • Yelko provides up to 5 GB of storage space for beginner bloggers.
  • Yelko also has blog and gallery sections for the bloggers and photographers who want to showcase their photography skills.
  • Over 50+ dynamic themes to choose from for your designs.
  • Yelko also provides an eCommerce solution with payment integration.
  • Yelko is more design-friendly rather than techy and coding and that’s why its best for a beginner to start a blog.

Having understood the advantages of running your very own blog and why choose yelko, here’s a guide on how to start one blogging with yelko.

Choose a Domain Name

How is your community able to follow you online? You’re going to need a domain name for that. Almost all “nice” domain names are already taken, as planned. Therefore, extra effort would have to be taken to locate a name. Like the title of your book or article, your blog name has the ability to either destroy or make your web.

Seeking the right name would take a little imagination. You’re going to have to go for something special, worthy of making a strong first and lasting impression. However, do not waste the right to think creatively by getting so wild about your choice of name. Ensure that it’s both creative and competent, one that the audience would be able to connect with.

Several entities are eligible to register domain names. It is not mandatory to have the same company for hosting and registering a domain name, although it is recommended.

We can buy domains from Yelko Easily.

Steps to buying a domain from Yelko

  • Step 1: Go to www.yelko.com
  • Step 2: Sign up into the Yelko account.
  • Step 3: Go to https://yelko.com/services/domain#/
  • Step 4: Choose the domain you like in .com, .me, .net, .org as per your personal/business need
  • Step 5: Pay with Khalti/Esewa.

Choose the best Hosting.

As described before, launching a blog isn’t as complicated due to the existence of hosting firms that have done much of the work for you. Yelko is a perfect example of a company like this. Like renting a place like an apartment, that’s how the Yelko works. They offer space on a web server, which is referred to as hosting. These are shared-hosting contracts that differ on the basis of the available perks and the expense. Shared hosting basically means that instead of running a whole web server of your own, you’re going to share it with someone. As a beginner, a web server would not be sufficient for you, and so all of the above plans can work wonderfully.

Identify Blogging Software

Since this blog is about how to start blogging with yelko, I have already told you why choosing yelko as the best tool for your blogging journey. You can choose Yelko over WordPress and other blogging platforms because it is easy to start.

It’s clear that starting a blog isn’t rocket science, so it’s time to stop procrastinating and get on with it. From my own perspective, until I understood how blogging works and that starting one wasn’t as hard as I had thought before, I had a lot of remorse and shame. I kept postponing when starting a blog was so fast. Select a server, register your domain, and find the blogging tools, that’s all it takes to get up and running on your own site. Starting your blog isn’t the hard part of it, keeping it going and attracting an audience is a difficult part of it. Make sure the content is special, original, appropriate, and enjoyable.