The tech-savvy world has made it mandatory to take any business in the online form. The lockdown and shut-downs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have instantly made people get their services and products on the online platform. The presence of businesses in the online platform boosts the customer’s visit and aids a lot in the publicity.

It might get a bit inconvenient at first since you have to learn new things, but hey, if it will get you the sales you have desired for ages, you must have the courage and patience to learn. Enough of this background study; let’s get to our main issue, What does it take to get into the online platform. In other words, have our website and social media presence and get the business flourishing there.

Here is the list of basic steps that are crucial to getting your business online

  1. Buy a domain name and hosting
  2. Create a website 
  3. Figure out a design for the website
  4. Know the competition
  5. Make your content, the king
  6. Work on SEO
  7. Create an attractive Social media page
  8. Work on Traffic and Advertising
  9. Get a concrete idea on payment and shipping
  10. Launch your venture 

Buy a domain name and hosting.

A domain is basically an address of a business, which the users type in the search box to be familiar with any website. A domain name may have a combination of letters and numbers. .com, .net, .edu, .org are the various domain name, Bluehost, Namecheap, Godaddy are some popular domain registrars.

 Likewise, Hosting is the place where your website’s files are stored. Websites are hosted on special computers called servers. Users’ computers will connect to servers and WebPages on the website will be delivered to them through the browser. It would be best to have both a domain name and a web hosting account to create a website. 

Create a website 

After having a domain name and web hosting, you’ll need to choose and install a website building platform AKA CMS (Content Management System). Knowledge of markup, styling, or coding languages is not necessary to use a CMS. CMS can provide a platform for those people who have the little technical background to create something functional. Thus using CMS can help in making the online shift.

Figure out a design for the website

Another step is getting a good design for the website. Options of DIY designs paid designs or themes from sites like Word press is available. Also, you can hire a professional web designer. Whatever options are available, the cost, customization, complexity, time, and ongoing maintenance of the website must be considered.

Know the competition

After drafting the website, you must check on your rivals who are selling a similar service or product online. To get into the competition, you must work on ranking in Google. The best medium to rank is getting the quality content for the quantity and quality audience.

Make your content, the king.

Content is the overall article you have written about a particular topic. In the case of businesses, it can be about products or services. If you have a great website, but the content inside does not serve its purpose, then the failure of your website seems to be closer. Thus top priority should be given to content if you are opting for an online presence.

Work on SEO

An article should not be just a brief explanation or essay on a topic. It should embrace and follow the procedures of SEO. An SEO is a technique, which is used to get our content in better rankings. Focusing on online and offline SEO can be very useful. However, you must be careful about using SEO techniques because your website might get banned if you are caught with unethical practices.

Create an attractive Social media page

Most of the time, customers may not land on your website. Presence in social media becomes a remedy. Having a page on Facebook, Instagram, and many other platforms can attract more customers. Focus on attractive posts and images should be done as they attract the customers from a glance.

 Work on Traffic and Advertising

Having your website and social media presence is not enough. You must have traffic on your pages. You can get the traffic with the Organic (via content) and inorganic (via paid) strategy. The inorganic way is similar to advertising. It includes Pay per Click (PPC), Google ads, social media marketing. Working on these can bring a significant number of audiences or customers to your site.

Get a concrete idea on payment and shipping.

The primary purpose of shifting business online is to increase the transactions. You must ensure a concrete and secure way to get the product or service to the customers/clients. Thus, the shipping and payment method must be confirmed. Regarding payments, local apps or worldwide apps can both be used. Not only that, but payment can also be on delivery. 

Launch your venture 

Finally, after having the website, social media presence, great content, and secured payment methods, one can launch the online venture. In the initial phase, the promotion can be done via paid advertising and the help of friends and family. Eventually, the audience will get on your website, and your business will flourish.


Making an online presence and an offline presence is crucial for a business to grow. However, to sustain on both platforms, customer-friendly behavior must be present. If the behavior remains cold, then you might lose the present and possible customers. Having a presence is not enough; your action (service delivery) should be better.