Guest blogging AKA Guest posting is an SEO-based content marketing and distribution where a blogger from another site posts his / her unique blog with the intention of growing the brand(both theirs and the site where the blog is posted) with possible exposure to the targeted audience and form a stronger network. 

Though guest blogging is to attract a greater audience, it doesn’t mean to post anything which has no motives. Moreover, it is not always for promotion. It’s more to educate and inform the audience about the life lessons or success pathway and some essential changes to be adopted in our professional and personal behaviors. 

Key Features in Points  

  • Guest Blogging is a strategy to borrow audiences from an already flourishing and renowned website or blog.
  •  Guest blogging is all about gaining some benefits from the Fame, Reputation, and Success of well-performing websites. Thus, it’s amazing for B2B Niche.
  • It is best suited for new writers or writers who can blog for two to three days a week. New bloggers trying to gain greater exposure by posting their content in established blog forums.
  • It is always a mutual benefit for both parties i.e new bloggers and established websites.

What are the advantages of Guest Posting?

  1. Gaining the Referral Traffic

When a guest blog gets posted on your website, you can see an increase in referral traffic from those various external sources. Sharing them on social media will increase the number of views, likes, and shares. Likewise, if you post your unique content you may gain comparatively more views. At least, 10% of these readers will click that link which directs them to visit your website. The feature of posts and links to be permanent keeps the traffic coming and even increases with time.

If a visitor is reading an informative blog and sees a link pointing back to your site and finds the topic to be fitting for their research, they could click the link and be directed to your site.

  1. Brand Recognition and Reputation Building

When you get featured on any influencer or celebrity stories, there is a 95% chance of them swiping up them and reading the blog. Moreover, this audience may even sign up or subscribe to your website. As a new and emerging blogger, when your blog is posted on a popular site people will recall you and your brand name. This phase will lead to making them into customers/audience; no longer a visitor. Moreover, you can boast about it and add up to your portfolio since exhibiting success and achievements is called digital marketing. Further, your brand will get a higher reputation.

  1. Link Building

Backlinks are a link on another website that directs back to your site. They contribute strength and authority to your website. Search engines also recommend the sites having more backlinks as the search engines will infer the content to be worth linking. Thus, Building backlinks is another strong key to your portfolio. Guest Blogging is the perpetual source of building backlinks. Guest blogging gives you the perfect opportunity to build high-quality backlinks, giving you higher search rankings.

  1. Building a network in social media

Social media marketing promises larger audiences and greater exposure. Gaining such an audience refers to making bigger influence, improved search ranks, and greater brand visibility. Keeping the share button on social share on all your guest posts/ original posts hits the bull’s eye: grab social audience attention. Ultimately, the high number of followers of that blogging site will bring more followers to you. Similarly, the large number of followers of the guest will bring more traffic to your blog or website. It’s a win-win situation.

  1. Improvement in writing

The zeal to write about any topic or express your feelings keeps your writing lively and fun. You will be enjoying your flow state. But, sometimes our writing may focus on unnecessary or redundant topics. Thus rereading, editing, and proofreading writings must be done. The content, which appears great, inspirational, or emotional to you may not be perceived the same if it is not understandable.

Thus, guest blogging makes you cautious about your writings as your referral traffic and backlinks are at stake. Further, it allows better researching and rereading of the content, which ultimately improves your writing.

Now, you are loaded with background information about Guest Blogging and its importance. So how to do guest posting in an effective way then?

Here is a 101 Guide for Guest Blogging. 

1)      Arrange the prerequisites for guest blogging.

When you are trying to offer your written piece in your niche for guest blogging, you must ensure the quality of your writing as it is proof of your creativity and research skills. For guest blogging, first, choose a topic that is need of the time or trending based on your niche. Try to ensure fluency in the language(Most of the time it’s English) you have decided to write an article. Further, perform extensive research offering more data and statistical facts. Beautifully craft your masterpiece with SEO-friendly content. You should work on Headlines as they are the ones to entice your audience. Use software like Grammarly to check grammatical errors however don’t trust Grammarly fully. You can ask your friend’s or senior’s help if you have more confusion.

2)      Find a perfect blogging platform for guest post.

After having superb content, start searching the best platforms that are accepting guest bloggers. Targeting a famous and well-known blogging platform for guest blogging can bring heartbreak as there are higher chances of being rejected by the platforms. Thus, search for a host blog that accepts newcomers in the guest blogging.  It would be another bonus point for you if you could make your blog in a similar style to host platforms. 

3)      Search and abide by the guest blogging guidelines.

Guest Blogging guidelines vary from blog to blog. Variations in format, style, and type of content are mentioned in the guide. These platforms would have a specific person to contact with (most of the time it is the editor). Moreover, it will be clearly stated whether you will be sending them just an idea or outline or the draft of your article. Ensure to read any other specifications regarding words or characters count. 

4)      Pay attention to pitching your guest blog post

   For pitching, you must focus on building relationships with the person you want to contact for the blog. Adding to that, you must express what values are going to be added up to their audience by your new article.

Remember these host blogs receive numerous pitches every day for guest blogging. Thus, your blog pitching must be of a standard type. You should include the basic elements, avoid possible mistakes people, and integrate the preferred subject lines. You have to have the patience for your pitch to be reviewed as these blogging platforms will take time to see if your blog is worth it. 

5)      Create an awesome guest blog post and bio.

Your bio must be short, sweet, and to the point, if you opt to get into guest blogging. Your bio can be of 50 words making it 3-5 sentences. Don’t forget to keep salient features about yourself, avoiding clichéd words used in trend. Just tell them you’re a blogger of a particular niche. Feel free to inform them about your designation in a company you are involved with. 

You can provide a peculiar personal detail (not too personal and weird). It would help if you avoided “Freelancer” in your bio. Keeping your references updated will gain you more attention. You should also give your Facebook page, Twitter account, a personal website, a LinkedIn profile, or even an email address for readers or hosts to contact you.

6)      Ensure to keep some links to your own content

You are interested in Guest Blogging to promote Yourself, Right? So why not include some of your links in this blog. You should write your guest blog in such a way that the content includes some words or topics that you can connect to your own website. It provides backlinks to your own website gaining you better traffic as well.

7)      Follow Up

 Your work is not completed just by posting a guest blog. You still have to put your effort into promoting your blog. For that sharing, the blog on all your social media handles should be done. You can thank the host blogging platform in your caption as well. You must keep a record of the blog title, date of submission, URL, date of publication, and other necessary details. 

Either in the blog or in your social media post, if a comment appears then you should respond to them and appreciate them for their time and comments. If you feel to connect with the person who has commented on your post then reach out to such a person. You never know, you might get another platform for the next guest blogging.

Common Mistakes seen in Guest Blogging

  • Most of the bloggers dream of getting a call of acceptance from a big blogging platform, which is very difficult. Thus start-off with a comparatively smaller and reliable forum.

Solution-Be specific to write your blog on a keyword of a particular niche after doing research on Trust Flow, Domain Authority, Page Rank.

  • As mentioned earlier, host platforms have hundreds and thousands of guest posts to deal with, you might not receive email ASAP.

Solution– Follow up with emails and check on the status of your blog.

  • Most of the guest bloggers don’t stick with the blog’s guidelines and may include some points, which are listed on don’ts.

Solution– Follow the guidelines.

  •  The audience in the host blog platform may differ from your current audience. Thus writing a blog without doing research on this may not be fruitful.

Solution -Thus write your content with a new audience in mind who are your potential customers.

  • Some guest bloggers don’t pay full attention to presenting high-quality content. They might recycle their own content.

Solution-Write excellent high-quality content appealing to the brain and eyes.

  • Guest Bloggers may have a hard time to wait since host platforms take four to six weeks to get a blog published. They might lose hope.

Solution– Be patient. Keep on writing and making new connections with fellow bloggers.

  • Guest Bloggers, when they don’t respond to comments in their blogs, can lose their possible audience for themselves.

Solution– Respond to comments. Appreciate their time for reading your blog.

  • Guest bloggers may miss out on comparing the benefits brought by the guest blogging.

Solution– Keep a detailed record of your blog posts and compare the traffic generated by this blog.

PRO TIPS For Guest Blogging in 2021

  • Keep your blog lengthy 800 to 2000 words, descriptive, highly informative, and SEO-friendly. Ensure to keep subheadings & bullet points.
  • Use appealing images in jpeg or png format.
  • Make your guest bio attractive and provide links for your website and social media 
  • Create a video or an ebook or PDF on the same topic written for someone. To get access to this, create a page where the audience has to share their emails. Always mention this at the end of your blog.
  • Emphasize research on E-A-T — Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness, and  YMYL — Your Money or Your Life for your guest blogging.

Here is a list of some blogging platforms in Nepal where you can post and promote yourself.