TikTok also introduced a new feature that blends the duet and green screen formats, allowing users to use other TikTok as the backdrop for their own. The duet layout menu now includes a “Green Screen Duet” option. The producer of the original video is tagged in the caption of the current one, as is the case for all duets. Depending on your sensibilities, this may be fantastic news or a sign of much more sensory deprivation in the app.

A layout menu in TikTok that shows duet options labelled left and right, green screen, react, and top and bottom.

People who use TikTok’s “green screen” to place photos in the background of their videos or manipulate videos to achieve a similar effect would definitely find the new feature useful. It can also make TikToks that are reactions to other TikToks more physically unified than Duets (where videos are tiled next to each other) and Stitches (where videos are tiled next to each other) (where a clip of the original video plays for a few seconds before the new one starts).

As other businesses incorporate TikTok-like functionality to their own applications, TikTok continues to roll out new formats. Instagram Reels can now be “remixed” in the same way as TikTok duets can. Snap claims that two months after its TikTok rival Spotlight debuted, it had 100 million subscribers, and YouTube plans to pay developers who use YouTube Shorts to allow them to keep sharing.